Bridgerr's Glossary
for Digital Assets

A reference for many of the terms used when discussing Digital Assets.

Digital Asset

Non-fungible Token (NFT)

Token Digital Art ERC-721 ERC-1155 ERC-20
A non-interchangeable and unique piece of digital content stored on a blockchain/ledger. NFTs are oftentimes thought of as a way to represent property rights digitally.
Digital Asset


Virtual world
Immersive virtual worlds with large networking and earning potential through distributed blockchain technology.
Digital Asset

Virtual World

Metaverse Crypto Game Play-to-earn Games
Virtual community-based 3D online environments usually integrated with virtual/augmented reality.
Digital Asset

Crypto Gaming

NFT Game Virtual World
Video games that incorporate distributed ledger (and/or blockhain) technology that allow for property rights over exchangeable virtual goods within the game including skins, wearables and land.
Digital Asset

Play-to-earn Games (P2E)

Crypto game NFT Game Virtual World
Crypto games that offer players a means to earn money for game progression and time spent in-game
Digital Asset

Digital Land

Virtual Land Land NFTs
Digital Land is land within a virtual world or NFT game that is minted on a distributed ledger (and/or blockchain) as a non-fungible token that gives the owner control over the state of the land.
Digital Asset

Social Tokens

Social Money Personal Token Community Token
Social Tokens are digital currencies built with distributed ledger (and/or blockchain) technology that are based around a brand, community or influencer. Social Tokens can be used as a way for brands, communities, or influencers to form their own social currencies and reward users for their engagement.
Digital Asset

Floor Price

OpenSea Secondary Marketplaces
The minimum price a single NFT of a collection is currently being sold for on a Secondary Marketplace like OpenSea, LooksRare and Rarible
Digital Asset

Interoperable Digital Assets

NFTs Metaverse
Digital Assets that will be transferable to use/wear in multiple metaverses or gaming platforms
Digital Asset

Mint Price

Whitelist Presale Public Sale
The proposed price of an NFT as determined by the creators of the collection before they become available on a secondary marketplace. In most circumstances for high quality projects, the mint price will be the cheapest point of entry for the collection.
Digital Asset


Presale Public Sale
Obtain special rights to mint an NFT from a new collection before anyone else. Usually through competitions, Discord channel involvement and promotional efforts.
Digital Asset

Sweep the floor

Floor Price
Sweep the floor is a term used when an NFT community wants to raise floor prices by buying up current supply. Often times, community funds managed by project leaders and high ranking members may be allocated to sweeping the floor.
Digital Asset


NFT Freebies
Incentivized free rewards (cryptocurrency, NFTs) given to holders of a certain project.
Digital Asset


Stablecoins coins
A defined and limited fungible token standard used for identical entities which is very useful for creating stablecoins such as, USDC, DAI and Tether. ERC-20 tokens do not have to be backed by tangible assets, and can be just referred to as coins.
Digital Asset


NFT Contract Smart-Contract
The unique standard for NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. This type of token can have different values than other tokens from the same Smart Contract allowing for wide variability in characteristics and rarity
Digital Asset


NFT Contract Smart-Contract Azuki
The ERC-721A interface proposed by the Azuki team allows for more efficient batch minting, by introducing less redunant storage for token ownership. This means that minting costs less gas.
Digital Asset


NFT Contract Smart-Contract
Similar to ERC-721, however a single smart contract can be used send different types of NFTs in one transaction. A hybrid between ERC-20 and ERC-721 contracts.
Digital Asset


Gas Prices Gas Fees Gwei Ethereum Ether
A fee required to send a transaction on numerous blockchains. Gwei is the smallest denomination of Ether used to transact on the Ethereum network
Digital Asset


DeFi Yield Farms Pools Liquidity Provider LP tokens
Staking refers to the process of offering your asset in return for more of the same asset or another. Depending on the conditions of your stake pool, there may be a fee to enter, lock up period or minimum to stake. Rewards are usually represented in APY (annual percentage yield).
Digital Asset

Layer 2

A scaling solution built ontop of a blockchain to ultimately reduce congestion on the mainnet and lower transaction fees when transacting through the network.
Digital Asset


On-chain Analytics On-chain Metrics Metaverse Analytics
On-chain refers to transactions, data and methods performed on public blockchains/ledgers such as Ethereum.
Digital Asset


Social Metrics Twitter Discord Community
Social metrics used to analyze growth of social media profiles for crypto/NFT projects such as: Discord server growth/interaction, Twitter following and celebrity promotion.
Digital Asset

Web 3.0

Web3 Decentralized
Web 3.0 represents the next iteration or phase of the evolution of the web/internet through decentralized platforms, openness and greater user utility.