The Intelligence Layer
for Digital Assets

Bridgerr enables tracking and analysis of events directly from the Ethereum blockchain and NFT marketplaces to identify profitable opportunities with your next NFT purchase.

Core Features

Use our NFT analytics dashboard to track on/off-chain data to ensure that you are not aping into a project blind.

NFT Power House


Analyze volumes, holder distributions, unique buyers and pre/post reveal trends.


Track top whale wallet activity and see what other projects they’re aping into. Emulate their success.

Floor Statistics

Ever wondered how strong the floor is for an NFT project? We provide you with listings and floor statistics that will help you assess each project and how listings are distributed.


Deadly accurate rarity rankings immediately as metadata becomes available post-minting. Snipe the floor listed rares - find the equivalent of a floor listed 1st edition Charizard 😎.

Smart Alerts

Transfers, mints, price sensitive listings, rare traits & more with push notifications to your device, bridgerr dashboard or email.

Smart Money

Follow realized profits from the most successful NFT traders and let Bridgerr provide the rails for building your digital asset portfolio.

Minting Insights

Ever wondered how successful a projects’ mint was? We’ll break it down for you with pre-mint & post-mint statistics.



Discord Channel Activated
Check out our community where we post NFT hot drops, host live minting sessions, and share alpha with like-minded individuals.
Feature: Smart Alerts
Enable smart alerts for on-chain and off-chain events for NFT contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.



Launch of Analytics Platform
Bridgerr's NFT analytics platform with our full suite of features will be available to partnering NFT projects.
Trending & Top Collections
Real-time sales information to identify trending and top collections.

June 2022

June 2022

Feature: Minting Insights
Track key metrics during live mints such as demand analysis and gas consumption.
Portfolio Tracker
Keep track of your NFT portfolio and observe your NFT net worth change over time.

July 2022

Late 2022

New Tool In Progress
We will release more information on this toward the end of the year. Stay tuned in to our socials.
Community Led Enhancements
The community will propose upgrades, enhancements, & custom built tools for our platform


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Jon Graf
Technical Director,
Riley Prescott
Director of Operations,
Dan Zajac
Director of Business
Development, Co-founder