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Bridgerr is an industry agnostic, full-service development firm specializing in creative and innovative products. Leverage our team’s robust experience in full stack development, business intelligence, and web design.

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Core Services

Custom Software
We implement the latest technologies and infrastructure to engineer full stack solutions.
Let us automate the boring stuff
Web Services
Enhance your web presence with our modernized approach to design, web integration, and searchability.
Stand out from your competitors
Web3 Consulting
Learn how smart contracts, decentralization and trustless systems can revolutionize businesses.
Become a frontrunner for the next era of the internet


Our team not only provides services to other businesses, we’ve also built, scaled and maintained our own suite of products including a business intelligence platform and a financial derivatives trading platform. We operate in both the Web2 and Web3 space and are completely industry agnostic to serve the needs of established industries and emerging technology sectors.

Check out our most recent project: 0xdx

About Us

We’re three Calgary-based tech entrepreneurs with over 15 years of full stack development experience with a lengthy track record of doing business online and within the Web3/Crypto space.

We are passionate about providing client-centric solutions to solve your business’ pain points and optimize your workflow efficiency. From ideation, to full-scale operation, we have your back.

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